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Recycling: Kudos To Those Who Make The Extra Effort

Happy Holidays! Celebrate with Houston Zoo Lights!

Is Your Home Lacking In Energy Efficiency? (Our podcast might help you out)

Julia Roberts Highlights Our Best ‘Green’ Movies Show 

Jim Kelly: Pro Football Hall of Famer, Green Rookie. Click here for the podcast

Trisha ‘The Green Girl,’ Martha Petre and ‘Friends’

Which one of these Turtle’s career is in the most danger?

Bob Dylan was NOT a guest on our show. But he sang about one of the topics.

Trisha’s (The Green Girl)Test Stumps Us (and it shouldn’t have)

We think Texas Dinosaurs are Dyno-mite!!!






Come see the Dinosaurs that ”are animatronic, robotic, moving, grunting, roaring, spitting dinosaurs”.

How To Impress Trisa “the Green Girl” on Earth Day…

With the Beauty Away the Boys Talk Bats and Batman








With Trisha out Peter and Marc talk bats and Batman. 


The Bee Girl Tells Us Not To Bee Afraid








The Houston Zoo is home of some of the most important pollinators on the planet.


Angie Pyle is GRRREAT at Working With Carnivores





Angie tells us all about the tigers, lions, wolves and bears at the Houston Zoo.

Cell Phones and a Conservation Effort to Save the Gorillas.

Don’t make the Gorillas mad, just listen to the podcast.


Trisha Needs to do a Better Job…At Her Job (So do you?)

Meet the man nicknamed ‘Amphibian Guy.’

Which reminds us of  SWAMP THING





Rachel Rommel of the Houston Zoo on helping Chocolate Bay

Trisha “The Green Girl” Has Something Simple Everyone Can Do to be ‘greener’

LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu is known as the Honey Badger. But the real animal would make one nasty football player.

Click HERE for the scouting report from the Houston Zoo

Trisha (assisting a friend with lunch) at the Houston Zoo. Our local story of the year…The Texas Drought And How The Houston Zoo Helped Save A Species


Trisha Coaxes Shane’s Big Green Confession

The Guys Have Been Lax In One Key Green Area. Trisha “The Green Girl” Discloses a group ‘Green Confession.’

Trisha Has A Special Request For You

…And This Guy Strongly Encourages You To Listen To The Houston Zoo Podcast (Trisha’s Message Relates To One Of His Buddies)



Shane and Trisha “The Green Girl” Go Hunting for Green Products

How Many Light Bulbs Does It Take…..

In Studio, Trisha “The Green Girl” has Facebook issues

Houston is not supposed to be a “dry” town

Trisha the Green Girl and the MKZ Hybrid cause a stir at West Point Lincoln

Life on an oil rig in the Gulf can be rough. But Trisha, the Green Girl, and Shane have fun talking about it. It’s also Greener than you think.

If recycling is so easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?

West Point Lincoln GM Chris Poulos with a look at the MKZ Hybrid


Since the eco-movement has affected everything else, why not dating?

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